Posted by: 13rob | November 7, 2012

Nov 7th – Blue at Kiripotib but NE promised cu.

Today the temperature reached 38, it’s been going up 2 degrees a day since we arrived, but it was blue and rather slow to go. We set off at 1320, and it took ages to grind up, but it was worth the effort as we reached cloud some 75k to the NE. Here we had a 10.3 average climb for 5000′ with the average reaching 16.5 kts for awhile. It also took us to 18,800′ (-5 outside) our highest cloud base so far.

We flew to the Botswana border, some 250k from Kiripotib but we were not inclined to go further since the cumulus was getting rather congested so we did a couple of doglegs in the small good area in the NE before embarking on a 140km glide home. Evert and Piet from Holland in OM(another EB28), joined us for the final glide and provided today’s picture.



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