Posted by: 13rob | May 27, 2012

Last day – another 1000 kilometres – stunning

Today we set a more challenging task to not only use the main ridges but also fly further West and also South along an expected convergence at the head of the Agadir valley. This went well until the second turn point which was about 20 km into the sea air, this time the western Atlas had been over run by sea air from both sides just beyond the high mountain of Toubkal. We tip-toed round the turn and back to Toubkal. Meanwhile the stunning convergence to the South that we had planned to run was just too enthusiastic and had turned to showers. We abandoned the task and flew a few streets to the low Atlas, East of Ouarzazate, a new area for me. By the end of the day visibility had become excellent.

Cloud base reached 18000′ today and although the overall climb rates were better than yesterday there were less running opportunities, so we achieved 1095 kms at 135.8 kph. We thought we had done 1100+ but had forgotten the climb out with the engine running.

The pictures were taken later in the day, the first shows the Atlantic air being blocked by the Atlas and the convergence line. The other of Ouarzazate Lake taken as we fly the circuit shows the sky still working well and some amazing desert colours.


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