Posted by: 13rob | May 25, 2012

Awesome day

This was a classic and amazing day in the Atlas Mountains. For an hour or so excellent cumulus formed along the central ridges which enabled us to reach our first turning point in the East. Then the convergence line, where the Atlantic damp air meets the dry Sahara air, formed up on the northern edge of the mountains giving a fast run Westbound. Typically running 40 or 50 km before taking a few turns in 8 kts plus then carrying on. This feature lasted until about half way down the third leg, where overdevelopment and showers had moved over the task route. It probably cost us a few kph, but we still managed 144kph over the 1126km task, stunning by any standards.

There were a few fast climbs, one 11 knot average climb for 3500′ and several long climbs of over 8 knots. The cloud base rose from 16000′ to 18000′ during the course of the 7 hour 49 minute flight.

Look at for the detail.



  1. Looks fantastic, 17,000’+ cloudbase! Convergence moving south I take it?

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